Detaii Clinic

Detaii Clinic


 Make a tradition for your enthusiasts. Detail Addict collaborate and help you organize a detailing tech sessions targeting enthusiasts who like to maintain a good clean look of their prized rides. All are welcome. Connect with us to learn how.




BMW Golden Gate Chapter



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Santa Clara Corvette Spectacular

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Make it a team building/connecting/social/club event. A group event that is new and different; bring hobbiest and enthusiasts together; share the common interest; and gain additonal tips. We nay not say it, but we all feel the same way: "I love my car"; "How can I get my car beautiful again?" You can express that love and ask all the questions here and not feel like you're crazy because we are the addicts of detail. The detailing seminar allows you to obtain new technical skills to care for your vehicles while connecting with others. It is the state of the art within the automotive industry to create experience and memory with the people you know: hobbiest, co-workers, employees, and colleagues. You will walk away with a common interest, the knowledge and the understanding of a professional detailing versus a car wash.

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