Wash Advantages

Advance tools and methods help further prevent damages and protect your car. You can maintain the cosmetic quality and value of your vehicle as well as personal enjoyment.


  • Upgraded tools such as the foam gun, Porter Cable, ACE Turbo Stick and etc. help detailing more efficient and improve results.
  • DA Water Softening System filters out hard water to prevent water spots.
  • Grit Guards reduce harmful debris by trapping them at the bottom of the bucket.
  • DA Carnauba and Liquid Wax help shine and protect the car painted surface from environmental contaminants.
  • DA 100g Medium Grade Clay Bar gets the car surface smooth by picking up contaminants. Helps the wax stays on longer. After wash and dry:  Clay the car with DA Detail Spray to remove surface paint contamination. Rinse or wash the car again if necessary.
  • DA Detail Spray contains no harmful minerals. Lubricates the surface for claying. Can also be used for touch up after a detail, and helps remove wax or polish residues.
  • DA G-3500 Polish clarifies and revives the paint surface. Gives it more shine.
  • DA Engine and Wheel Cleaner made tough for dirt and grime, especially brake dust.
  • DA Glass Cleaner is tinted windows safe because it doesn’t contain harmful additive of ammonia.
  • DA Car Soap is pH neutral and doesn’t strip away wax. Your waxed car can last longer.
  • DA MF Glass Towel is lint free and safe on tinted windows.
  • DA MF Drying Towel is super absorbent, washable, and reusable. It is delicate on painted surface and safe.
  • DA MF Detailing Towel is super plush, safe and delicate on paint. Great for touch-up and removing polish/wax residues.