Detail Addict Automotive Detailing is more than the state of the art, knowledge is power. Teaching and detailing are what we do 52 weeks a year. We are the best in the industry, our passion and knowledge are undeniable. Our training company offers a comprehensive detailing class that help you become a professional detailer. You will have the 1-on-1 interaction and hands on while working on cars. Detail Addict Training Instructor will work with you to gain the experience and knowledge, own the right products and tools for the job; the proper usage and techniques for achieving successful results; maximize your work and time. Your success is our success!

Classes are conducted with a student to instructor ratio of 3-1 or 1-1; the choice is yours! Course programs are designed with various focus:  exterior paint correction; proper method and technique of washing a car; paint evaluation; paint correction; inspection and touch-up.


Learn to use all the products and tools to their fullest and maximum potential! Learn to use different light source to inspect, correct, and improve the finish work to maximize the use of your time and work. We are committed to improve your detailing knowledge and educational experience.

Detail Addict students are taught in the greatest of detail, knowledge driven, techniques, and confidence! Class includes tools, materials, products, and accessories ($600 in value)!

Call for more information and schedules!

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