Stay Away Wash Habit Tips

Damages induced by lack of passion and love for the vehicle can lead to a very expensive to repair.

    • Buffing off wax or polish with a terry cloth.
    • Rubbing smudges or pricking off dirt with your fingernails.
    • Wash the car with a dish washing sponge.
    • Wash wheels with a brush or cloth and then onto the body paint.
    • Wash body paint with a brush.
    • Use an automatic drive through car wash.
  • Use household products to clean your paint: such as CLR to remove water stain or detergent to wash the car.
  • Use all purpose cleaner on non-anodized wheels.
  • Drop a clay bar and use it again.
  • Leaving bird droppings, eggs, spit, or sap on the paint.
  • Leaving water / sprinklers on the paint.
  • Place things onto the car or the trunk.
  • Driving behind a big rig.
  • Allow the dealership wash or detail the car.
  • Use a duster to touch-up the car.