Holiday Specials—30% Off Detailing Kits and $5 Shipping.

Detail Addict Auto Detailing Kits are the perfect gift for any car enthusiast. Each kit is designed to address specific areas of car care and surface restoration. They contain the same high-end products that our specialists use to detail pristine show vehicles to exotic sports cars, including cleaners, wax, polish, protectants and conditioners. They also include the appropriate applicators and/or microfiber towels needed for the job. And every Kit comes in a distinctive gift box so you can keep the products together and easy to store. Who needs more messy bottles laying around in the garage?

Order now. The special holiday prices are only available until December 31.

Gift Card — $Custom

Here is the answer when you’re not sure what to get for...

29th Nov

Swirl Removal Kit — 30%off

In most cases, swirl marks are tiny scratches in the clear coat...

29th Nov

Leather Interior Kit — 30% off

Interior friendly maintenance kit! Our water-based products are environmentally friendly and safe...

29th Nov

Headlight Restoration Kit — 30% off

Hazy oxidized headlights can diminished your ability to see clearly whats ahead, and it...

29th Nov

Car Wash Kit — 30% off

This kit is essential for a simple wash and touch-up. Wax and...

29th Nov

Winter Exterior Sealant Kit — 30% 0ff

Smooth and shiny with our Sealant Wax and Clay Bar! Protection that...

29th Nov