Silver Addict Exterior Package


silverpackage-tnSilver Addict Exterior Detailing service package offers a car show shine quality. Decontamination and abrasive polishing help improve the luster and color of the paint surfaces. Professional claying method removes industrial fallouts and contaminants to get the paint surface ultra smooth. Additional step of polish removes light swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Detail Addict Carnauba Wax application protects and enhances the depth of the paint while sealing the brilliance of the finishing. Highly recommended if your car haven’t been detailed for the last six months.

($225 / 4.5 Hours)

Included in the Silver Addict Exterior Detailing Package:

+ Dual Bucket Hand Wash
Clean Wheels (inside and out) and Tires
Water Pressure Pre-Rinse
Foam Gun Soak
Air Pressure Blow Dry All Crevices
Dry Door Jambs
Clay Bar/ Decontaminate Paint Surface
Two-Step Polish (Dual Action)
Carnauba Wax Application
Clean Exhaust Tip
Clean Windows In and Out
Tire Dressing
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Note: The following auto detailing pricing are minimum standard for small size vehicle: 2-door/2 seater; mini compact sedan. Prices vary based on the size and condition of the particular vehicle. Additional charges may apply.