PPF Installation

PPF Installation

Paint Protection Film (AKA Clear Bra) – Premium Shield Surface Protection Film

A Paint Protection Film a thermoplastic urethane film applied to painted, gel coated, or other vulnerable surfaces of vehicle to protect from stone chips, wear and tear, and minor abrasions. The film is highly conformable and optically clear; improving functionality and allowing the conservation of visual appearance for long periods. Protect your paint with the latest technology designed not only protect against rock chips and road debris, but also against staining created by acids, abrasives and solvents. Less regular maintenance and stain resistance.

Optical Protection

The film is virtually clear, invisible, and natural. It can potentially conceal majority of your paint imperfection.

Chemical & Mechanical Resistance

Designed with superior performance to stand against a wide range of environmental conditions such as UV/yellowing, bird droppings, industrial contaminants, road grime, and chips.


An advanced technology to maintain a pristine look at all time. It has the ability to eliminate swirl marks and light scratches from your typical washes or driving with the warmth of the sun.

PPF Package Options

Select the package best suited for your vehicle and protection needs.

(Additional coverage options and pricing are available upon request.)




Mirror Backs

Partial Hood

Partial Fenders

Front Bumper

Mirror Backs

Partial Hood

Partial Fenders

Front Bumper

Mirror Backs; 4 Doors; Quarter Panels

Hood; Roof; Trunk 

Fenders; A, B, C Pillars

Front & Rear Bumper

Films Comparison

PS Elite Film

This is the top of the line “Elite” paint protection film. This film utilizes an advanced top coat system designed to not only protect the vehicle against rock chips and road debris, but also against staining created by acids, abrasives and solvents – maintaining the surface of the product for longer with less regular maintenance. Elite is the industry leader when it comes to stain resistance!

PS Ultra Film

Extreme, high wear locations. A 12mil thick film which is designed for extremely flat surfaces that receive quite a bit of abuse. You might want to use this film on flat faced headlights, industrial equipment, airplanes and other heavy equipment.

Benefit PS Elite PS Ultra 
Stain & Dirt Resistance  Good Advanced
Hydrophobic Top Coat Good Advanced
Limited Warranty 5 years 10 years
Available Options Standard, Top-Coated and Matte Finish Standard, Top-Coated and Matte Finish
Appearance Nearly Invisible Nearly Invisible
Recommended Usage Recommended on a dark color vehicle. Recommended on a light color vehicle.

See it in action and what it can do!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_YUjz0Ciu4&feature=youtu.be
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdCKIjklXD0&feature=youtu.be
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