Sealant Wax


Protect and Shine

Glossy Finish


Detail Addict Sealant Wax is a synthetic liquid wax that offers more shine and twice the protection of the Detail Addict Carnauba Wax. It shields the car from the elements and common surface contaminants; filters UV rays and resists heat; repels moisture and prevent oxidation. The rich composition is ideal for use with orbital buffers, but can also be applied by hand. This DA Sealant Wax provides a slick and glossy finish that resembles a hard, crystal shell.

  • More resistance to fading/oxidation of paint.
  • Improves resistance to impurities, pollutants, and contamination adhering to paint surfaces, thus reduces the frequency of claying.
  • Sheds dirt and grime easier making washing safe and less time, therefore reduces surface scratches and swirl marks
Available in 16 oz. and 1 gallon bottles.
  1. Wash and dry car. For best results, also use clay and polish.
  2. Shake Well. Squeeze a 3” line of polish onto a clean applicator pad.
  3. Apply to work surface in 2’x2’ sections using small circular motion until a thin, hazy film remains.
  4. Buff away the film residue with Detail Addict Microfiber Polishing Towel to reveal the underlying shine.

NOTE: May require rebuffing after a few hours.