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SB3 Maintain

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SB3 Maintain
  • ♥  Easy application
  • ♥  Hydrophobic
  • ♥  Water Based
  • ♥  Multi-Surface Protection
  • ♥  3 Month Durability
  • ♥  All Users Maintenance
Maintain is a Ceramic Based Quick Detailer designed to provide maximum protection and gloss for all Ceramic Coated Vehicles. This is the consumer friendly version of our professional product Flyover. Maintain leaves a coated substrate slicker in feel and adds a super hydrophobic effect that lasts for three months. Over the years Ceramic Coatings have become the new standard in Automotive Detailing for paint protection.

  • ♥  Easy application
  • ♥  Hydrophobic
  • ♥  Water Based
  • ♥  Multi-Surface Protection
  • ♥  3 Month Durability
  • ♥  All Users Maintenance


Clean and wash vehicle as normal. Make sure all area's that need to be treated are clean from debries. Simply spray and wipe. We suggest doing one panel at a time. Using two towels, Spray product onto surface and use the first towel to wipe clean and a second towel to remove any remaining products. 

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