So, I've had my STi since September of 2004. I have NEVER had it detailed. It has NEVER been kept overnight in a residential garage. I have NEVER gotten a hand wax. This car is parked on the street next to the sprinklers every day all year long. The only paint work I've ever done was scraping off tree sap with my fingernails.

Last week some jerk broke into my car. When I got the window replaced ($220 ouch) the guy doing the labor rubbed his fat butt on my door and scuffed it up. I decided it was time for a good detail.

I met Leo (DetailAddict) one day at SpeedElement (also a great place). He took a look at my car and quoted me a package. Since my car is silver I didn't need a lot of the anti-swirl treatments so I was able to save some green.

On the day of the detail I took some before pictures of problem areas on my car. There were atleast 10 visible door ding scuffs on my driver side door alone. Some jerk stole my STi logo off my trunk with a screwdriver, but left most of the sticky part and a gouge in the paint. Those are just the 2 areas I'll show pics of. My car needed a lot of love to put it lightly. I think he went through an entire machine pad getting water spots off my glass (I can seriously see better out of my car lol).

From start to finish the entire process was smooth. My car feels like it's brand new again. I'm very happy. I couldn't even take a lot of closeup after shots, because my camera can't find a good spot to focus on LOL. In my before shots you can see the lense focus on damage or scratches in my clearcoat...but when I went to do after shots I couldn't get a good spot focused to take pictures.                                                   

Thanks a lot for the great job you guys (Mr and Ms DetailAddict).


-Jonp from i-club.com

Leo - we spent nearly all day yesterday doing 2 of our cars and I am pretty amazed. I have been detailing cars since I was about 10 years old (no joke) and these items are better than anything I have used (inlcuding storebought products and then things like Zaino, Zymol, etc). I haven't used everything out there but this stuff is just plain crazy. On my MR2 I did the claybar, then swirl, then 2 coats or revive and 2 coats of buttery wax. I applied the revive with my orbital wheel which worked pretty well, and then did all the wax by hand. I have owned this car for 2 years and it has never looked like this. After I thought it was CLEAN the claybar made brownish ooze run off my silver paint and then I could see the couds in color on my silver hood... Sweet. Thanks for hooking us up with a great deal - it is much appreciated.

-wombatsauce from i-club.com

Awesome seller and great service

G_Ride from i-club.com

thanks again for the great job on the detailing. It really is something you have to see in person to appreciate. It really hasn´t looked this good since August 2005 when I bought it!

Thank you again, and I will certainly spread the word to fellow Evo, and non-Evo owners as well.

-superfleajq from NorCalEvo.net

Couldn´t be happier with the result. It´s soooo cleannn even inside of the wheel! It´s very hard to see the clear bra line now. He will make sure that you´re happy with his work before you leave. Thanks Leo for the good work! Definitely will come back again.

-Mina C. from San Jose, CA

I tried to repair my headlights and screwed up one sunday. I got some info from a friend who recommended this guy to do like external detailing jobs. He reconditioned my headlights and repaired the damage I did =P Also he took out some scuff and scratches on the trunk of my car and the hood too.

-Gellenole from toyotanation.com

Always great with the detailing, thanks Leo!

verc from i-club.com

Great Car Wash Items with Great Customer Service! He drove out to meet me at a convenient location, and in addition had a great hook up on the items. Definitely made me a lifetime customer!

iLoqin from i-club.com

Amazing work! Car looks brand new! Great work, car looks absolutely amazing! thanks!!!

Shagon Wagon from i-club.com

Gilmour Foam Gun Great seller, fast and easy transaction. Very fast, and easy transaction. Great seller.

Baoser from i-club.com

Hooked me up on VERY short notice and did an awsome job!!!! Can't say enough about his work quality and character! Thanks!

Akira-R from i-club.com

Headlight restoration service was quicker than I expected. I can actually see my bulbs now. Thank you for the fast friendly service and the info about oxidation! Great work! Thanks!

iflycoach from i-club.com

Great seller, wonderful product, superb customer service. Support local business! Thanks Leo, great stuff you're selling. Will definitely buy from again.

BoxerRumble from i-club.com

Thanks for the great products.

-Gibz from i-club.com

Great products from a great guy! Thanks, Leo.

-2kool from i-club.com

Yeah, Leo is the man! He just did my GF's 96 g20. The car looks, and feels brand new, if not better. Paint is shiny and smooth, interior is glossy, and clean, and the glass is so clear, I can finally see all the imperfections in the glass itself.

He also did a dry fog odor removal on my silvia, and now the 16 year funk of exhaust leaks, and trips to the love hotel smells are gone.

I will be bringing both my 02, and the silvia for detailing very soon.

Thanks for the great work Leo!

-international B from i-club.com

Love the VRT and A-P Cleaner you sell, I´ll definitely be back for more!!! Thanks for the demonstration of the VRT, which is why I bought it, also appreciate your explanation about maintaining my car (to set my expectations). Leo, I´ll definitely be back for more goods and a detail next year! Let´s see if I can convince my wife to get her car done too in the meantime... 

-CHESTON from i-club.com

Excellent Seller & products! Fast delivery... Thanks for the delivery! Very awesome!

-blacktraxgirl from i-club.com

The man works wonders!!! Unwanted paint disappears... Thanks so much Leo! It really looks nice again. I&acull just have to buy the new mudflaps but that shouldn´t be such a big deal. Fabulous work, will definitely recommend you!

-CHESTON from i-club.com

Awsome products, AGAIN! Bought a bunch of stuff from Leo to help keep my car super clean. Always willing to show you or tell you how to use the pruduct best. Gives hints and tips to make detailing not a long boring thing. Thanks again Leo!

-MrPrimus from i-club.com

Will do business again! Thanks Leo.

-darkonion from i-club.com

Awsome products, and great tips. Thanks Leo! Thanks for the stuff Leo, Ill for sure be buying from you in the future.

-MrPrimus from i-club.com

Great Products! I went to the AutoHQ detail/dent day and Leo demo´ed some products and showed me how to remove some of the oxidation from my trim. Thanks again.

-JOEBOBBUCKET from i-club.com

Awesome work! Car looks great! Thanks Leo! I´ll be back in a few months.

-Spoolin415 from i-club.com

Great customer service selling awesome product! I highly recommend leo for all your detailing needs. I inquired about getting two sets of claybar and wax. he went above and beyond in the e-mail communication, and was flexible enough to meet me at a san jose meet for the purchase. The product he sells is far more superior than any other claybar/wax combo I´ve ever used on any of my cars. all smiles over here with my shiny WRX. Thanks Leo!

-porTURBOer from i-club.com

Leo did a great job on my car... I should have added the interior. Didn´t know he was offering that

-evoboy from NorCalEvo.net

Great person to deal with! Had items packaged and ready before I sent payment. Will definitely do business with Leo in the future and will recommend him to friends.

-VRT MBasile from i-club.com

Thanks man, great job!

-Dbadged9 from NorCalEvo.net

Highly recommended detailer, my car looks better than it did when I first got it.

-wayne0912 from NorCalEvo.net

Awesome job. Thanks Leo. giving you a + Rep for good work and positive attitude. You will be called again for your great service.

-lncrevoviii from NorCalEvo.net

Brilliant Shine!! Much thanks!

-MtsEvoIX from NorCalEvo.net

Leo, thanks again man. genuinely appreciate the time you put into my car. ill get back to you in regards to that detail on my car which is in need of one and if the smell is still there after a few days. Great service, will do business again in the future.

-A.V.E. from i-club.com

Excellent job and SHINY!!! Finally found a detailer with great work and knowledge around the area!

-VirtualReality from i-club.com

Truly appreciate the customer service, went above & beyond regular service. Thanks for coming out of your way again. Hopefully more clients are gained through your ´reaching out´ to those in the community.

-Mars_D from i-club.com

Great attention to detail. beautiful job. Thanks for the detail. Like I said before I have never seen my car so clean other than getting it off the truck from Japan.

-rallied out wrx from i-club.com

Nice job with detailing my car. thanks Leo.

-pghiocel from i-club.com

Like a completely different car. Thanks Leo! Detailed my 92 Nissan Sentra SE-R. It looked like a different car. Very good job and great customer service.

-debbid from i-club.com

SHINY!! Nice. I like it.

-herrjr from i-club.com

Great job, my sti is so smooth and shiny.

-chubs22 from i-club.com

Thanks for the detailed detail!!

-kspek from i-club.com

Great guy, Great knowledge. I really enjoyed you teaching me about your products and I can´t wait to use them. I want to also thank you very much for the extras you gave me. That was so nice of you.

-MyNikonLens from i-club.com

Excellent service. Will return with my other cars later. Leo is the guy I would trust to work on my car body.

-SWAT from i-club.com

You guys don´t understand how jacked up my car was. I basically had it parked outside for the last year and a half since it was last detailed. The car came out pretty much flawless except the damn shopping cart dents after Leo was done with it.

Now I park in the driveway and my car looks good sitting next to my roomate´s spanking new e92 m3 - I kid you not

In the detailing world caring and attention is what really makes the difference. Leo´s a true detailer in these attributes he brings to each job he does.

-verc from i-club.com

Excellent work. I am impressed. Great talking to you as well.

-chochocho from i-club.com

Great guy, very prompt, and excellent customer service and work! Thanks!

-WRXCSTI from i-club.com

THANKS again Leo!! The car looks great and I can´t thank you enough! Thanks for everything leo... The car looks great and I can´t believe how quick you did it...

- DJ_Ronald S from i-club.com

GOOOOOOD Work done by LEO +1000000. Leo did a VERY GOOD JOB on my car. Couldn´t be more happier. Thanks LEO.

-White4drWRX from i-club.com

Thanks for the detail, next one with clay bar and i´ll come to your place!

-icrashed from i-club.com

Wow leo.car looks awesome.never seen it new like this before.quick& professional. Will most definitely call you up again...you did an awesome job!

-DanyoCantDrift from i-club.com

Just wanted to say thak you for all your dedication and hard work. Car looks better and better every time you lay your hands on it. Thanks again for the great work.

-castro from i-club.com

The car looks awesome. Thanks Leo! You performed an excellent job, with what I consider to be a very professional experience. The paint is so smooth now, the headlights look great, and the interior fogging did the trick. I highly recommend Leo´s services. Great job with no worries.

-syncopation from i-club.com

Restored my scratched hazed oxidized nasty filthy dumpy bugeye lenses! Thanks for restoring my borked bugeye lenses! good job!

-ASpec818 from i-club.com

Showed up on time and got right to work. Did a great job!

-Wrxneffect from i-club.com

Very good work and very professional. Damn good service, great guy to work with. I highly recommend Leo to all of you. I will be doing business with him again.

-brucelee from i-club.com

Thanks for making my headlights nice and shiny. A+ transaction!

-kspec from i-club.com

Thanks man that worked great I can see a huge difference at night!

-tecnica tech from i-club.com

Great Odor removal service! Smells like a baby´s butt! :) Gotta do it again, thanks leo!

-herrjr from i-club.com

Excellent headlamp lens external restoration on my bugeye WRX at Mt Hammy 2007.

-Wingless Wonder from i-club.com

Awesome service. Came out to SSF just to hotbox my car and my dad´s car.

-OwlBoogie from i-club.com

Great job on the headlight restoration!

-WRXdavid from i-club.com

Customer service is great! Thanks!

-mhl23 from i-club.com

I had the dry fog odor treatment and my car still hasn´t been overcome once again by my nasty smoking habit. You certainly want to clean the car but if you want it to smell nice and fresh I recommend you have Leo fog the sucker.

-Flanders from i-club.com

The odor removal went well. It has been a week and a half and I still have that nice scent in my car. I think it is definitely worthwhile. My car is a ´97. So... ten years.

-darkonion from i-club.com

Just got the headlight restoration done...wow i am impressed, and my fog lights are SUPER clear now, thanks man

-TheScoobyMedic from i-club.com

Review: First off, let me say I’ve never seen my car shine, not even a little bit. Based on the above maintenance schedule, it’s pretty easy to figure out why. When I dropped the car off I think Leo was having second thoughts. However, he was pretty diligent in the face of overwhelming adversity and it really shows. “WOW” was my first word and it was something I kept saying as I drove it home. This car GLEAMED. This car SPARKLED.

Leo’s before and after pictures really tell the difference. Look at the pictures of the dull reflection from the before and the amazing mirror qualities after. All sides displayed this characteristic of brightness, shine, and reflective aspect. I think the only part that I wasn’t overwhelmed by was the tire hubs, which only looked like they changed color. However, as I mention above, the hubs may be beyond hope by all the mass and corrosion that has accumulated on them.

Inside, Leo did a fantastic job of cleaning and vacuuming the carpets. I could not find a trace of dust anywhere and there are years of dust on some parts of the dash. The vents are spotless. All the crevices and storage holders are immaculate. To top it off, the scent used to clean the car is not cloying or overwhelming. The scent is still noticeable though mild and pleasant. It definitely made the morning commute nicer and I caught myself looking around my car at almost every stoplight; amazed by the huge difference in the appearance of my vehicle.

This was seriously an outstanding job and has shown me the value in automobile detailing. Excellent work, Leo.

-Ervin D. from San Jose, CA

Review: My car is almost 9 years old now, and though it spends most of its time in a garage nowadays, it’s seen some 70,000 miles all along the west coast and has the wear and tear to show for it.  I had written off the damage and was planning to eventually get a full paint job and new headlights to bring the shine back, but Leo’s incredible detailing has given my baby new life.  The car has literally not been this shiny since the day I bought it.  The black has such a deep shine that it actually gleams in the dark, catching any stray available light.  All the faint swirl marks in the paint from years of washing are gone, and all that’s left is a beautiful car show finish.

I was most impressed with Leo’s ability to restore oxidation damage and cloudy headlights.  The headlights have definitely taken the brunt of road abuse over the years, and lost all of their clarity.  After Leo restored them, they are now almost crystal clear…that service in and of itself saved me over $200 in the cost of new headlights.  Additionally, what Leo was able to do with the oxidation damage in my paint is simply stunning.  While my car was still being built, the right rear quarter panel had been damaged and rebuilt before it left the assembly line.  It looked fine when the car was brand new, but after only a couple years under the California sun, the damage manifested itself in a quarter panel that had started to fade really badly compared to the rest of the car.  I thought that it was beyond repair, especially after numerous detail jobs by the dealer failed to improve the condition.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when Leo returned my car with that quarter panel looking as new as the day I bought it, matching the rest of the paint exactly!  WOW!

I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Leo and Detail Addict.  I love my car and have spent a lot of time and money over the years trying to keep it in top condition.  I have had numerous companies wash, wax and detail the car, all of which had pretty mediocre results.  Leo is literally in a class by himself, it is as if he as able to restore the soul of the car itself.  Nobody but Leo touches my cars from now on!

-John from San Jose, CA 

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