Liquid Wax


Quick and easy wax application!

Great for car show prep.



Detail Addict Liquid Wax is scientifically formulated for quick and easy application while effectively protects and enhances the appearance of the paint surfaces. It shields the car from the elements and common surface contaminants; filters UV rays; it repels moisture and prevents oxidation. Apply to any hard surface types that need the protection and the shine such as painted surfaces, glass, chrome, plastic, car’s bumper, lights, and windows. It can be applied by machine or by hand to achieve a smooth and reflective finish.

Available in 16 oz. and 1 gallon bottles.

  1. Wash and dry car. For best results, also use clay and polish.
  2. Shake Well. Spray wax onto a clean Detail Addict Applicator Pad. (1-2 sprays can cover a typical door panel).
  3. Apply to work surface in 2’x2’ sections using small circular motion until a thin, hazy film remains.
  4. Use Detail Addict Microfiber Polishing Towel to buff away the film residue to reveal the underlying shine.