Paint Oxidation Removal

Paint Oxidation Removal

Oxidation Removal


Oxidation results from the damaging affects of the sun and other elements on the clear coat. The severity of the oxidation is determined by the quality of the clear coat. Oxidation is something we are asked to address often… this is how we’ve become so good at what we do. It’s amazing really. We dedicate a lot of our energy manipulating just on a thin layer of a clear resin. But within this thin micron layer lies the difference between an old rust bucket and a shimmering new car.

Ok, we’re really magicians and I am about to reveal our trick. You can restore the shine of your vehicle at home with the proper materials:


  • Detail Addict Soap
  • Detail Addict Clay Bar
  • Detail Addict Detail Spray
  • Detail Addict G-1500
  • Detail Addict G-2500 Polish
  • A dual-action polisher
  • Detail Addict Pad Set (Hydro Cyan, Tangerine, and Crimson)
  • Detail Addict Microfiber Towel

These products can be purchased on online or in store.


  1. Thoroughly wash the car using a 2-bucket wash system. Make sure to remove debris and anything abrasive from the surface. We use the Detail Addict Clay Bar lubricated with the Detail Addict Detail Spray to remove heavy debris and surface contaminants. Thoroughly dry the car.
  2. With the dual-action polisher, we apply the G-1500 Polish compound first to the areas of severe oxidation and work our way out.
  3. We repeat this process using a the G-2500 polish. The G-series polishes, if applied properly, will bring the car back to its original luster.
  4. Buff and wipe away the excess polish residue with clean microfiber buffing towels.

Important: Although the Detail Addict Polishes are effective and easy to use, it requires skill to operate a dual-action buffer. An inexperienced operator can easily “burn” to the metal. This can only be repaired with a new paint job.

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