Ceramic Coating Care

Ceramic Coating Care Instructions

A few basic maintenance steps to maximize coating performance and to ensure your investment is long lasting. 

Do's & Don'ts

Paid Wash Service 100% Hand Wash Automotive Brush Wash
Self Wash PH neutral car wash soap. Avoid wash in sun to avoid streaking and water spotting.
Coat Reconditioning Avoid abrasive products such as cleanser wax or polish.
350 gsm microfiber wash and dry Avoid use abrasive towels or rubbing/ aggressive wiping
Wash in shade.

The Curing Process

During the curing process the coating is still soft and can be weakened. It requires 2-3 weeks to cure depending on environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. During this time, if you notice contaminants on the car such as tree sap, bird doo, water, etc., remove them promply. The following are one of the few to be avoided.

-  Washing, raining, sprinklers.
-  Parking outdoor or under a tree.
-  Allowing bird droppings, sap or pollen to sit on the car and bake in the sun.
-  Mechanically or chemically abrading the paint.

Wash & Dry

Use premium microfiber towels, non-abrasive chemicals or materials, and eco-friendly car soap. Follow our dual bucket wash tutorial to better maintain the integrity of the coating.

Leather and Fabric Maintenance 

Seller may accept buyer’s offer to purchase and shall be bound to supply the applicable Goods in accordance with these terms and conditions either by execution of the acknowledgment copy of the order, or acceptable electronic transmission, delivery of the Goods to CAI or by any other statement, act or course of conduct which constitutes acceptance under applicable law.

-  Avoid contaminant build-up.
-  Clean bi-weekly with a leather protectant.
-  Vacuum carpets regularly and use carpet and fabric cleaners when necessary.
-  Immediately wipe off spills.

Annual Maintenance & Inspections

Waxing is not needed because it will not bond to the coated surface. To ensure the coating performance and gloss it is reconditioned with the maintenance product 2-3x a year depending on the usage of vehicle and the environmental factors. Annual inspection is recommended 1x a year and carried out by a certified installer before the anniversary date of the last service. 

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