Headlight Restoration

beforeafter-headlamp-restorationHeadlight Restoration

You’ve tried washing and scrubbing, but the discoloration and oxidization on your late model vehicle’s headlamps don’t seem to go away. With the buildup of moisture and exposure to the elements, this common problem can dim your visibility, diminish the look of the vehicle, and can require time and energy to address.

Almost all vehicles will suffer this at one time, but to treat it successfully, you need the rights tool, the right products and patience.


  • Polisher
  • Detail Addict G-2500
  • Detail Addict G-1500
  • Detail Addict Engine & Wheel Cleaner
  • Detail Addict Microfiber Towel

We first need to see if the oxidation is inside or outside the lamps. They are typically found on the outside, but in some cases a broken seal may allow moisture inside. Depending on the amount of oxidation, it is more difficult and time consuming to address the inside of the headlamps. In the example below, we have oxidation on the outside of the lamp.

Here is how:

  1. Wipe away loose debris and oxidation by applying a watered-down solution of Detail Addict Engine & Wheel Cleaner. This is a very effective degreaser. It is important to keep the degreaser away from plastic or dark composite surfaces as this can bleach or discolor them.
  2. Apply a generous amount of Detail Addict G-1500 Polish to a a electric buffer and work the surface until it becomes smooth and oxidation free. (The G-1500 polish, contains the fine abrasives needed to remove tiny contaminants from surfaces like glass, metal and paint.)
  3. Seal it by applying a thin layer of sealant to protect the glass for the next season.

Note if polish is unable to reclear the lens another We try to remove the more oxidation by wet-sanding the surface with a fine-grit sandpaper (2000 grit).