Services – Exterior

A monthly maintenance to keep the car at its best and retain its value. A single step polish revives the paint by minimizing minor imperfections. An additional application of Detail Addict Carnauba Wax provides a finishing shine while protecting the car from damages caused by industrial contaminants, debris, rain or sprinklers, and bird droppings. The tires are dressed with a pH neutral oil free dressing solution for a fresh matted look.
$150 / Est. 2.5 Hrs
  • star_rate Monthly Maintenance
  • star_rate Fine Cleansing Polish
  • star_rate Carnauba Wax
  • star_rate Minimize Minor Paint Imperfection
  • star_ratePaint Revive and Clarification
The ultimate protection against rain and moisture during the the year’s most treacherous season for driving. A specially formulated Sealant Wax to enhance the depth of the paint and to maximizes the resistance to fading, industrial contaminants, pollutants, water stain, mud, and impurities. A total package that reduces the frequency of clay, washing safe and less time. A perfect solution for your vehicle to survive through the entire season and great for a new car preparation.
$250 / Est. 4.5 Hrs
  • star_rate Recomemended Every 3 Months or When Needed
  • star_rate Decontaminate Surface Impurtities
  • star_rate Double Layers of Sealant
  • star_rate Oxidation & Contaminants Resistance
  • star_rate Enhance Shine and Protect
2X'S THE PROTECTION. A great introduction package for all season long armor shield and shine. Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down. Ceramic Pro 9H can only be removed by abrasion. It is a highly durable protective coating that protects your vehicle’s paintwork or any other surface from damaging contaminants. The unique formula of Ceramic Pro 9H allows to be applied in multiple layers which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder coating with improved scratch resistance.
  • star_rate Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • star_rate Weather & UV Resistance
  • star_rate Thermal Resistance
  • star_rate Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant
  • star_rate New Car Prep
Offers a car show shine quality. Decontamination and abrasive polishing help improve the luster and color of the paint surfaces. Professional clay method removes industrial fall-outs and contaminants to get the paint surface ultra smooth. Additional step of polish removes light swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Detail Addict Carnauba Wax application protects and enhances the depth of the paint while sealing the brilliance of the finishing.
$250 / Est. 4.5 Hrs
  • star_rate Recommended Every 6 Months or When Needed
  • star_rate Decontaminate Surface Impurities
  • star_rate 2 Levels of Polish
  • star_rate Minimize Light Swirl Marks and Oxidation
  • star_rate Restore Clarity and Shine
Offers ultra reflective restoration shine on the paint. An extensive paint correction with series of abrasive polishing compounds to remove 50% to 70% of the medium oxidation, swirls marks, scratches, and/or water deposit stains. Your paint will be measured and evaluated to see the best fit treatment. Decontamination process to get the paint surface smooth. High quality grade of detailing products used to acquire the optimal finishing result.
$700 / Est. 12 Hrs
  • star_rateShow Room Shine
  • star_rate Decontaminate Surface Impurties
  • star_rate Custom Polish
  • star_rate Removes and Minimize Moderate Swirl Marks and Oxidation
  • star_rate Restore Depth, Clarity, Reflective, and Shine
The ultimate detailing designed to restore, rejuvenate, and protect. A solution to create big impressions, exhibiting at a car show, raise car’s value, or for anyone as fanatical about detailing as we are. Proprietary multiple abrasive polishes, specialized tools are used to correct even deep scratches, heavy swirl marks, oxidation, and much more. Remove 50% to 70% of the medium oxidation, swirls marks, scratches, and/or water deposit stains.
  • star_rate Pristine Gloss
  • star_rate Decontaminate Surface Impurities to Ultra Smooth
  • star_rate Custom Polish
  • star_rate Removes and Minimize Moderate to Heavy Swirl Marks and Oxidation
  • star_rate Restore Depth, Clarity, Ultra-Reflective, and Shine
Additional exterior detail services are available for your specific need and concern. Great options to add-on value to your vehicle and a complete detail. Price starts at $50. Please contact us for more information.
Improve visibility, safety, and improve the look of the vehicle. Remove the discoloration andoxidization. With the buildup of moisture and exposure to the elements, this common problem can dim your visibility.
  • star_rate Improve Visibility
  • star_rate Restore Lens Clarity
  • star_rate Polish Remove Oxidation
  • star_rate Sealant to Protect
The well maintained appearance of a car is often a reflection of how it is washed. Detail Addict has perfected the Dual Bucket Wash System that has helped customers protect the integrity of their vehicles’ appearance, retaining higher resale value, and enhancing their overall ownership experience.This system derives from a “Rinse-and-Soak” method. A “wash bucket” and a “soap bucket” are prepared then wet a microfiber towel in rinse bucket, then soak it in the soap bucket before applying the towel to the car surface. This process is repeated to reduce damages.
$100/1.5 hr est.
  • star_rate Available only for ceramic coating installed by Detail Addict.
  • star_rate 100% Hand Wash
  • star_rate Dual Bucket Wash
  • star_rate Fresh Microfiber Towels
  • star_rate Foam Gun Soak


Detail Addict is a specialty shop where we treat every customers and their vehicles with respect and care. Each appointment service reserved is dedicated with a Professional Detailer whom his/her time is only to care for your vehicle. We believe when making an appointment with us you are determined and genuinely in need of our specialty service, therefore in respect upon scheduling an appointment with us please make your payment ready for a mandatory non-refundable deposit of $100 of the service package reserved. Under such extenuating circumstances you cannot make your appointment due to emergency or if the weather does not permit, Detail Addict allows a one time, 24 hours grace period to reschedule your appointment either by phone or e-mail us. A cancellation, including no call/no show on the appointment day, of the appointment will result in a non-refundable $100 deposit.


The following auto detailing pricing are minimum standard for small size vehicle: 2-door/2 seater; mini compact sedan. Prices vary based on the size and condition of the particular vehicle. All interior work is an estimation by the condition, severity, and size of the vehicle. Results and the outcome finishing of the vehicle depends on the level of work or services required.  Extra services are suggested and subject to additional charges, only if permitted by the customer. All belongings and miscellaneous are required to be removed prior to all interior cleaning. We consider the glove compartment to be a private area in the vehicle and will only clean it with the owner’s permission.

The purpose of each service package available are intended to help improve and minimize imperfections that be restored. Imperfection/ wear and tear/ damages will be more apparently once the vehicle is clean and shiny.