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At Detail Addict, we provide a level of automotive detailing that makes us seem a little extreme. Whether it's because our processes are uncompromisingly driven by quality or because we formulate our own products instead of using inferior products in the market, or because we do this in a manner that is safer for the environment, we have the reputation of being preoccupied with our work. But after almost a decade in the automotive detailing industry, we're just warming up. Fortunately for us, our clients are not interested in our menu of car fragrances. When it is about their vehicle, they are interested in the details, just like we are. And if you go past our obsession for detailing, you will discover that our products and quality are spoken through our work.

Our Services

Detail Addict, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, located in Santa Clara of California, is the preferred go-to for a premium all car care needs. We have it all for the convenience to our major clients from enthusiasts, car clubs, to corporations such as Invidia, Intel, Cisco, McAfee, Levis Stadium and more. Our friendly staffs are available to service all requests and answer any questions. We are here to listen to your concerns and to provide the best available options to fulfill your level of needs and to exceed your expectations. We're committed to customer satisfaction by providing exceptional results in paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating protection, paint correction, restoration, sealant, waxing, and going beyond every detail of work. Even if you are just a car owner, enthusiast, fanatic, or belong to a car club community, our mission is to help bring your vehicle to its fullest potential via maintain the value of your automobile and make your every day a continuous love and enjoyment for your rides!

Our Training

A thirst for knowledge, start a business, or simply you just want to detail your own vehicle? Now is the chance for you to acquire the possible. Here you will learn from the most basics to the advance challenge. Available are multiple programs designed to work with your pace and comfort. Please e-mail us for schedules and programs.

Our Products

Great results in less time! Give it TLC to something you pride and love. Our products are highly specialized for almost every conceivable type of surfaces via paintwork, vinyl, rubber, plastic, leather, carpet, glass, and more. The various spectrum of professional detailing products allow you, the enthusiasts and hobbiest to express passion and pride with your vehicle. All professional grade detailing products designed to work with our chronic perfectionism to achieve great results; made easy and quick to use. Now you can restore the shine of your vehicle without spending the big bucks!

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